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Excellence and Expertise

Handling your IT with state of the art techniques and technology so your business needs are met within budget.
Working with you, as an advocate for your business, giving you the security and peace of mind knowing your IT is in protected, skilled & expert hands.

Email, VOIP & anti-virus solutions. Installations, networking, access systems, upgrades & repairs. Hardware & Software

IT Support

IT is at the heart of all that your business does. At the point when it doesn’t work, it isn’t just disappointing for your business, but the downtime costs your business cash.
Our informal and layman language support, from a group of qualified IT engineers, assures that your IT will continue to function well and permit your business to succeed.

Computer Repair

We won’t judge you if you’ve left your pencil in your laptop again. Like all equipment, computers occasionally need repairing.

There’s no need to worry because our experienced IT hardware and software technicians are at the ready with their toolboxes. We can repair PCs and laptops, as well as all your peripherals and network devices such as scanners, printers, routers, switches and wireless networks.

Cyber Security

64% of Cyber-Attacks happens to SME’s

Thinking back 15-20 years, Cyber Security wasn’t so much as a thing. Today, Cyber Crime is currently bigger than any remaining types of organised crime.

It is the greatest single danger to your business.

IT Consultancy Services

You presumably have a business plan which shows how you hope your business develops in 3-or 5-years’ and the steps you need to take to reach your business goals.

Yet, shouldn’t something be said about technology? Technology is frequently overlooked with regard to your business since it is something that’s not always fully understood. Technology can and will pay a huge part in the development of your business


Floor Walking

Would you like to borrow a superhero for the day? They love visiting our customers to help after an office move, system installation or whatever it is they need.

It can be helpful, particularly after a big change where staff are perhaps having to work differently due to a new system or office move.

Some customers like us to go once a month; others it might be just once a year or on an ad-hoc basis. If it’s regular visits you need, we can even make them part of your IT support contract.

IT Black Belt Training

Win hearts and minds with a live IT Black Belt appearance. Demos for new tech, conferences, presentations, roadshows, surgeries and classes – we’re available internationally.

If you need a IT Black Belt on your agenda, and it would be helpful if we were there personally, to explain, demonstrate, answer questions or in any other capacity that benefits you and your organisation’s IT infrastructure and progress, we can be.



Website Workshop – to get you going

Work with us in our friendly, workshop setting to set up your new WordPress website, with plugins, content, even e-commerce. It’s a quick, economical way to set you on your way.

Cloud Services

There are so many different ways in which you can design your business IT, that it can often get confusing. You can still have IT infrastructure based solely in your office, move everything to the cloud or the more popular option, using a mixture of both.

Hardware, Software and Licensing

You don’t need to have a contract with us to ask our advice or to purchase that new laptop you need. The chances are you’ll need some software to go with it too, and is your licensing all in order?

Why We are
The Best For the Job

We’ve taken great care to nurture our organisation and its fitness. Taking care of customers in the best way possible for us is the “mantra” and that is why we achieve off-the-scale customer-happiness ratings.

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